Poland’s Independence Day was yesterday, 11 November 2017, so a day late, I’m afraid, with this musical tribute from Kapela Górole about whom I know very little. I’m definitely going to find out more though!

I also did my bit today, 12.11.2017,  for Scottish – Polish relations by waking up a couple of Polish guys on the Stagecoach Route #15, 17h15 out of Perth. Guess they had been celebrating Independence Day in Perth and were fast asleep when we reached Methven, Scotland. Managed to wake them and hustle them off the Stagecoach. Actually, it was not that difficult!

And, BTW, the Polish Taste “corner shop” at Crieff Road Roundabout, Perth is a real mini asset. Ideal place to get your fresh fruit too. Chose from the selection outside, illuminated evenings.

Wszystkiego dobrego z okazji Święta Niepodległości!

CA Taylor, Editor