Oesch’s die Dritten – Switzerland – Wenn du einmal traurig bist – When you’re sad.

Oesch’s die Dritten from Kanton Bern (Berner Oberland) Switzerland are:
Hansueli Oesch Dad – Annemarie Mom – Kevin Younger Son – Melanie Daughter – Mike Eldest Son – Urs Meier non family.
For more information about everyone, visit: http://www.oeschs-die-dritten.ch/ueber-uns/portraets/
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An adapted extract in English from the official website.

In 2017, we can look back on Oesch’s die Dritten’s incredible 20 years.
We want to celebrate this anniversary with you.

Time has passed so quickly and, yes, we’re proud to have come so far.
A huge thank you to you, the best fans in the world.

There’s a lot happening in our anniversary year.

Go here to listen and purchase the song, Wenn du einmal traurig bist, and album, Jodelzirkus
from the official link:

And here’s Melanie the Jodeler; dates back to New Year’s Eve, 2014. Click through to YouTube. Opens in a new tab/window.

Official website: