Click on video link at image above. This is fun! From the Swiss Television program, Potzmusig hosted by Nicolas Senn from the Festhütte Altrüti in Gossau (ZH) and aired on 05.03.2016.

Good example of traditional Swiss folk music. With the Swiss Chlefeler instrument (!?) and Julius Nötzli featuring prominently!

Keeping German Swiss traditions alive in Switzerland, a modern, wealthy country with French, German and Italian speaking regions.

Swiss Radio and Television (SRF1) has been broadcasting the Potzmusig program showcasing traditional folk music from the German speaking cantons on Saturday evenings for many years.

View this video too from “The Big Swiss Talent Show”.

For more about the “Schwyzer Chlefeler” and Julius Nötzli, check out video below for this highly amusing segment from the Morning Show at Radio Pilatus.

Featured photo of Bergün in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. Image from