What is Schluneggers Heimweh (Homesickness) all about?

Schlunegger’s Heimweh is a male choir project, whose goal is to bring together the finest male voices from German speaking Switzerland. Origin, musical training, genre or age do not come into it. Founded by the original 11 singers, Schluneggers Heimweh aims to give singers the opportunity to be part of a unique musical project.

What makes Schluneggers Heimweh?

The 11 voices sing and bring to life emotions that everyone knows and experiences. Schluneggers Heimweh sing from the desire for love, home and family. So the singers can get to know each other when singing and also personally, there are regular rehearsals. The songs are then sung at concerts and events.

Where is Schluneggers Heimweh at home?

The Heimweh singers come from all parts of German-speaking Switzerland. A common home does not exist, but a common passion certainly does. The music and love of nature.

How can I get involved?

If you are male and an enthusiastic full-time singer, you can send us your application via the contact form. We are looking forward to receiving applications from new voices!

The Singers

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