Tattoos & Pop Rock – Ben Zucker mixes things up.

There’s nothing better than being in love. I fall in love very easily – but hey, I’m single, I’m free, says new German Schlager and Rock Singer sensation, Ben Zucker. This also describes a theme running through his songs.

The lyrics are about relationships, but also about separations (“Just gone”), about family ties (“You are everything to me”), friendships (“The world is waiting for you”) and home (“Most beautiful House”).

“Not every song is a story from my life, but I’m inspired by people I meet. This is how I go through life – eyes open and closed”.

The mixture of rock and pop elements, coupled with his extraordinary voice and rousing lyrics is refreshingly direct and touching at the same time.

Ben does not shy away from feelings: ” Why should I pretend or hide? What I feel, I say or sing! “

Ben Zucker knew that music would be the center of his life since childhood. “I never had a ‘Plan B’. Since I first stood on stage, there was only one goal for me: to make music,” he says laughing and remembering his first performances at school and in the garden of his parents’ home.

Ben Zucker is based in Berlin, growing up in the east of Berlin, today’s Mitte district. Shortly before the wall opened, the family fled to the west. Later they returned to Berlin and initially lived in an occupied house.

For Ben, music quickly became the focus. At the age of 14, he started playing guitar, helped by his father, a great Neil Young fan, first covering grunge and rock songs in English before founding his first band and finally singing in German.

“I wanted to relate my thoughts in song so that everyone understands them directly. That was never up for debate from the very outset.” The smoky, scratchy voice was always there, and it became even stronger over time; “without whisky, cigarettes and hoarseness.”

There were a few turbulent years, now behind him: “I have not always done everything right. There were certainly things I should have done or reacted to differently.” His openness is undoubtedly disarming, because he is concerned with the “here and now”, without forgetting where he came from.

“I live my dream – and that’s what drives me, that’s the motivating force.” For the football fan, it was always clear that ” giving up was never an option .”

Ben Zucker’s fan base is growing daily – but who are his biggest fans? “Is it uncool to say: My family? But she taught me the most important thing: ‘Work hard, stay humble… and please do not take yourself too seriously, Ben!’