A little about Bernhard Brink, German Schlager singer, gleaned from his official website at bernhardbrink.de

Hard to believe, but it’s 44 years since, Bernhard Brink, a native of Lower Saxony moved to West Berlin. And 40 years have passed since the release of his first album “I’m still available”.

However, if you meet the 63-year-old Bernhard Brink in person, the ravages of time seem to have left no lasting mark. “I still keep fit, play tennis and go jogging.” An energetic type,  Bernhard Brink does not mourn the “good old days” or shut himself off from change.

“Of course, not everything has become better through the Internet, communication is happening differently today. At the bar, five people at table #3 have smartphones in their hands. I’m not entirely convinced this is good.”

The clear opinion of someone who has received almost 30,000 letters following his first appearance in the 1972 ZDF Hit Parade, not all of which entirely positive. But Bernhard Brink was always able to handle criticism well, “as long as it was fair and honest.” Bernard Brink has always done his “thing”, as he calls it, always remaining true to himself and constantly reinventing himself. His recipe for more than 4 decades of success is quite simple: Continuity.

More follows shortly.